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Volunteer Positions

Our volunteers are the heart of the Parkland Food Bank.  We value our volunteers and the contribution of their valuable time.  We offer a fun, safe, and welcoming environment to all our volunteers. Select the Volunteer Opportunities link below to learn what volunteers do at Parkland Food Bank!

Volunteer Application

To fill out an application to volunteer at Parkland Food Bank, Select the Volunteer Application Form below. Once you have submitted your application our Volunteer Coordinator will get in touch with you to discuss available openings.

Still have a few questions about volunteering? Having difficulty with the online application? We're here to help!

Contact Novalee, our Volunteer Coordinator

Community youth are an extremely important part of Parkland Food Bank. Unfortunately children under the age of 16 are not able to volunteer on location at Parkland Food Bank, but we have provided a toolkit to inspire ways to help us out in the community!

Kids Food Bank Project Tool Kit

Volunteering as a Group

We often receive requests from those who would like to help, but scheduling and lack of space is a barrier to many groups.

Holding a Food Drive or Fundraising Event

Volunteering as a Group

To allow everyone who would like to participate in food – or fundraising activities on our behalf, we suggest a few activities that you can do as a group.  Contact our office to register your food drive.  It’s essential that we know about your plans before you start so we can have volunteers in place to accept, sort and store the food your drive brings in:

Take a monetary collection

Among your co-workers, students, or club members.  You can get really creative with this idea – use the funds from your Christmas Party, office draws, or create a competition within your group to raise the most funds.  Monetary donations go towards the maintenance of our facility and to the purchase of milk, meat, margarine and occasionally produce which goes into the hampers.

Collect food items as a group or as have a competition between similar industry groups (ie Hair salons, liquor stores, etc).

Or break into smaller groups and compete to see who can collect the most.  You are also welcome to contact our office about what goes into a food hamper and see how many completed hampers you can donate.

Host an event

Such as a car wash, dinner or concert and give a portion of the proceeds to Parkland Food Bank.

Please give us a call at (780)-962-4565 so we can work with you to help the hungry!

See below for Most Wanted Food Items and our equipment wish list.


  • Office Supplies and Gift Cards
  • Volunteer Recognition and Appreciation Gifts
  • Discounts on Products & Services
  • Office Computer
  • Gift Certificates for Fuel

Most Wanted Food Items

  • Sidekicks
  • Condensed Soup
  • Dry Soup Noodles
  • 500 ml Peanut Butter
  • Baby Formula
  • Canned Pasta