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Changes to Parkland Food Bank Access during Covid-19 Pandemic

Summary: Parkland Food Bank changes access to the facility in response to the mandate to limit large gatherings.

(Spruce Grove, AB, March 12, 2020) – Parkland Food Bank is doing its part to decrease crowd levels to help combat exposure to Covid-19. To this end the following is effective as of March 16, 2020 with a hopeful end date of April 30, 2020:
• The Weekly Hamper program is temporarily suspended. We will be providing the once a month, Monthly Hamper, this will be by appointment.
• Clients may access the food bank for their Monthly Hamper, by appointment only. If clients have already received their Monthly Hamper for March, they will not be able to book an appointment until April. Appointments will be booked every 20 minutes for three regular clients. New clients can call in for appointment to make sure they can be served as quickly as possible.
• Clients will not be allowed into the building until their appointment time.

To book your monthly hamper please book here. Or call 780-962-4565.

With these measures in place we will also be able to reduce the number of volunteers needed at the food bank during any given shift.

Any volunteer that has traveled outside of Canada in the last two weeks will be asked to stay at home until they have been symptom free for the 14 day period.

At Parkland Food Bank, we have a very high standard of sanitation, but that will be increased during this time. All surfaces will be wiped down a minimum every hour, as well as when changing tasks, with a one part bleach 9 parts water solution, making sure solution stays on surface a minimum of one minute.

We will review proper hand washing techniques and will have timers set to wash hands on a regular basis as well as when needed.

All keyboards will be wiped down with alcohol wipes and sprayed with Lysol between uses.
These protective measures will stay in place until there are no more new cases of Covid-19 in Alberta.

About Parkland Food Bank
The Parkland Food Bank exists to help address the needs of hunger in Spruce Grove, Stony Plain, and Parkland County.

Contact Details:
Sheri Ratsoy, Executive Director
Parkland Food Bank Society

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Making Your Donations Go Further!

With your generous cash donations we were able to purchase $4977.35 worth of food, including:
25 bags of flour
1320 packages of pasta
788 cans of pasta sauce
504 packages of rice
96 boxes of cereal
If you would like to donate to help us with future purchases please visit…/…/124-128510484RR0001
Your donation may be matched by 15% and you receive a tax receipt right away!


Recycling bottles for the deposit began in Alberta in the early 1970s, and it has been a classic fundraiser in the years since then. Bottle drives have provided funds for schools sending their students on trips and have supported minor league teams across Spruce Grove and Stony Plain. And now, they offer a new opportunity to help the community at large.

SkipTheDepot is a new company that began in Calgary in 2018, and is working to make the process of recycling bottles and cans easier for everyone. Nobody likes standing in line at the bottle depot, and now SkipTheDepot will do that for you.

So where does Parkland Food Bank come in?

SkipTheDepot has partnered with dozens of Alberta charities so that you can donate your deposit instead, making it easier for you to support a mission near and dear to your heart. Parkland Food Bank is now one of those charities. When you schedule your pickup, simply specify that your deposit be directed to the Parkland Food Bank Society (our official name) and you’ll be helping us alleviate hunger today and prevent hunger tomorrow.

Find out more about SkipTheDepot at their website and download the app on your phone today!

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